UI (Main Editor, Synopsis, Notes) is Transparent — How to turn off?

Hello!! I have done something which has made the Main Editor, the Synopsis & Notes Windows transparent and I cannot find where to turn that off. Can someone point me to how transparency is turned on (so I don’t do that again) and how it is turned off?

Thank you much!!

– Jorge.

That isn’t an intentional condition, it sounds more like a user interface glitch to me. I would try a quick reinstall of the software before digging any deeper into it. If that doesn’t solve it, make sure you aren’t using any third-party window manager utilities that might offer the ability to make windows semi-transparent.

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Thank you AmberV. Based on your suggestion, I first shut down the MacBookPRO; waited a few minutes, and started it up again. The problem has disappeared. Much appreciated; just knowing it wasn’t something I did was valuable. Cheers!!

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Restarts often solve problems. It happened for me a couple days ago. Keyboard Maestro was giving me weird problems, and a restart fixed it immediately (but not until I thought to do it). I tend to shutdown the Mac Mini every day, but I forget to do that for my MBP.

Why the wait? When it’s down, it’s down. Nothing happens after that. (Not that waiting is a bad thing, if you have other things to do or whatever.)

Yes, now that you mention it, Keyboard Maestro just had an upgrade, that must have caused the problem. The MacBookPro had the problem, but not the Mini. Now I know.

Keyboard Maestro wasn’t causing me problems in Scrivener. It was failing to activate an unrelated macro. But yeah, it could have been involved in your issue somehow.