UI : minor : Export option's titles become font descriptors

In the project settings, export format tab, you can choose three different fonts for different types of generated text. When you choose custom fonts here, the description of what you are changing turns into a description of the font. This condition persists until Scrivener is restarted, or the project is reloaded.

Huh. Could you post a screenshot and maybe send me a font with which to test this? This shouldn’t happen, as it just shows the display name of the font. I have no idea why this would be different on reloading the project. If you could send me a font that causes this, that would really help.

Ah, that is what I mean by “description,” I guess. The name of the font and its size. If it is the intended behaviour then okay. So what was “Text Titles Font,” or “Group Titles Font” when the project is first loaded, becomes: “Optima Regular, 12pt,” and so forth. It just looks kind of strange the second time you open up the project settings, and there is no indication as to what each font selector does.

Actually, no, you are right - this is a bug. I am setting the display name for all three fields, when in actual fact I should only be doing so for the first one. The second two should retain the description of what they do. Whoops! Thanks, I’ll fix it.