UI : minor : selection focus does not de-select

When selecting an item in the Binder and deleting it, the selection bar focuses on the next item in the list. This is fine, however, when multiple items are selected, the selection focus retains the number of selected items, and selects the next n number of items. If six documents are selected and deleted, the next six items in the list will be selected. Standard behaviour in this scenario is to reduce the selection focus back down to one, and select the next item in the list, as it happens in single deletion cases.

This is one of those things that are so minor that I didn’t think anyone would care - I should have remembered we have some perfectionists on board. :slight_smile:

I’ve (sort of) fixed this for beta 2. By “sort of”, I just mean that you will now get the expected behaviour in the view in which you delete the items. If by coincidence you have the same items selected in another view (for instance, if they are selected in both the binder and the corkboard and you delete them in the binder), the current behaviour will remain for the other view. This should be such a rare occurrence, and so minor when it does happen, that I don’t think it’s worth creating the extra notification and logic code to deal with it right now. Hope that makes sense and is acceptable behaviour.

Agreed, that second condition is so rare and unusual, it should be fine the way it is. And I’ll try to keep my rampant perfectionism down to the “Reasonable” setting. :slight_smile:

Hello, Still pregnant with 3.1.5 under 10.14.6… latest security updates loaded and installed. I’ve followed your procedure to transfer from Apple Store to L&L, it was outdated, led to Scrivener 2. I was leading a group on Facebook. How could I seriously give them this procedure? Above me was a man who was careful about every word where the goal was a successful transfer. Nevertheless you’ve left us with our latest stable version while Apple released… when did you release 3.1.5 when everyone is eager to find what’s next? We’re saving projects as Scrivener 2, they’re happy with it, they’re writing, that’s their job. In my group I’ve told a screenwriter: “If you’re telling stories, if it’s your tool, don’t change”.That’s the difference between dream and reality. You should open an official YT channel to counter the crooks. I’m a dreamer too :smiley:

Sorry, I was meaning 'Still present" but it’s an Apple problem.
Have a good day ;-)