UI : minor : Taking snapshots of the trash can.

When the Trash has items inside of it, the contextual menu allows you to take a snapshot of the trash. This does not seem to actually do much. A snapshot does get registered, and you can view & delete it in the snapshot viewer, but it is of course empty. When empty, this option is not available.

Additionally, you can “Ungroup” the contents of the trash, essentially releasing all deleted items into the root level of the Binder. I wasn’t sure if you actually meant that to be possible.

I have fixed the ungroup thing, but I can’t reproduce “Take Snapshot” being available for the Trash. It is always greyed out for me, in all menus, when the trash is selected or active. Could you give me more info? Which contextual menu was it? Which view was active? Was it definitely the trash that had a snapshot taken, and not one of its subdocuments? Strange.

Got it! This is the contextual menu that appears when right-clicking on Trash. The reason why you never saw it is because it requires you to right-click on it without selecting it first. In other words, in the Binder select a document, then with contents in the Trash, right-click on the Trash. You should see it at that point.

Okay, fixes for beta 2. When you select a document in the binder, there is a slight delay before it gets loaded, so that you can navigate the binder very quickly with the arrow keys. This meant that when you changed the selection with a ctrl-click, the contextual menu would get loaded before the current document was changed, and would therefore reflect the last selection. I’ve changed it so that the document changes instantaneously on ctrl-clicks.