UI-minor-Truncated headings in Binder

Hello everyone,
I really enjoy this forum. Just starting to use Scrivener on a project.

My setup: iBook G4, OS 10.4.8

This glitch shows up on the tutorial file as well as in my project.

Binder panel is set fairly small (for iBook screen) so some of the headings are cut off (properly) by the edge of the panel. For example: the Other Stuff You Should Know heading is truncated to “Other Stuff You Should” by the right edge of the Binder panel.

Open the Draft heading triangle with the Option key so that all its descendants are visible in the Binder. Everything’s fine.

Close all of the secondary level headings (Part 1: Basics, Part 2: Organisation, etc.) under Draft. Now Draft is visible with only the next level headings down also visible. Nothing lower than level two is showing. This must also be true of the Research heading and the Trash heading. No item anywhere in the Binder farther down the hierarchy than level two must be showing.

All headings (level two) are now truncated about 1/4 inch from the right edge of the Binder panel. The Other Stuff heading is now truncated to “Other Stuff You Sho.” The right edge of the panel doesn’t change. Instead there is just some blank white space between the edge of the text and the right edge of the panel.

Open any level 2 heading triangle to disclose its children, and all of the truncation disappears everywhere in the Binder.

Not a big deal. I have screen shots if needed.

John Robert

Hmmm. Looks like this blank space in the Binder panel is the size of the scroll bar. But in the cases mentioned above, the scroll bar isn’t needed and isn’t present because the list of items in the Binder does not extend to the bottom of the panel.

Might be a clue.

John Robert

Sounds like a general problem with OS X’s outline view - it used to be even worse but Apple have fixed it somewhat. If you just wiggle the split divider next to the binder, it should fix itself. Of course, I will take a look to see if it is something specific to Scrivener, too.