UI nitpick: "Convert webarchive to text" not in po

This is a UI nitpick.

Problem: Expected “convert webarchive to text” command is available in documents menu, but not in the popup menu.

Where: Scrivener 1.0RC5

Reproduce: Import a webarchive. Select the webarchive in the navigation column. Clicking on “Documents” menu reveals the “convert webarchive to text.” CTRL-clicking on the webarchive in the navigation column does not.

Image - normal option:

Image - missing from menu:


This is clearly not a bug, but a wishlist item. :slight_smile: The pop-up menu only provides the most commonly used items. There is no way it is intended to replicate the whole of the Documents menu - such replication would be silly, negating the utility of such a pop-up menu in the first place. “Convert webarchive to text” surely falls into the less-used category for most people.

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Sorry - thought I had scoped the forums, but didn’t see there was a separate wishlist forum. This should probably be moved/deleted.