UI Translation (German)

I’ve noticed a couple of typos and untranslated things in the German UI translation and since I can’t find any thread that collects them I’m starting my own.

One I can’t make a screenshot of: After the daily session goals reset, there’s this pop-up to notify you. “Ziele” is in there twice (iIrc) and one of them has a typo “ZIele”.

[attachment=1]Screenshot Datei-Menü.png[/attachment]

“Öffne” → usually “Öffnen” [the infinitive; ‘öffne’ is the imperative]
“Favorite Projects” → suggestion: “Projektfavoriten”
“Add Project to Favorites” → suggestion: “Projekt zu Favoriten hinzufügen”
“Show Project in File Explorer” → suggestion: “Projekt im Datei-Explorer anzeigen”
“Show Application Support Folder” →
“Page Setup…” → suggestion: “Seite einrichten”
“Print Settings…” → suggestion: “Druckeinstellungen”
“Options” → suggestion: “Optionen” or “Einstellungen” (settings)

[attachment=0]Screenshot Bearbeiten-Menü.png[/attachment]

“Remove Link” → “Link entfernen”

Actually, I’m seeing so many untranslated items now that I started looking for them… Are you going to have someone do an official translation? Do you have a list of menu items somewhere where translations could be added?

The translations are not complete in almost any language. The current visible translations are mostly a subset of previous Scrivener v1 translations. They all will be polished in the next few months.

Ah, good to know! I couldn’t find anything so I wasn’t sure if that’s something we were supposed to report or not. Thanks!