UK Play Script Formatting Question

Can’t seem to create DIALOGUE on the same line as CHARACTER with the latest version of Scrivener 1.11. e.g.

CHARACTER Some DIALOGUE on the same line.

In fact I can’t find the UK Stage Play setting at all!

Can anyone help me out here?



I found the problem.

When my Mac updated to the latest version it didn’t seem to install the INSTALLER EXTRAS where the various script formats were located.

I downloaded Scrivener again and reloaded the EXTRAS and the scripts appeared.

Is this me or you guys? It took me a couple of hours to figure out and had to re-read the manual again. Computers ahhh…

All’s Well That Ends Well - as the poet said.

Good night



Yes, this was changed in 1.10 (though 1.11 was the most recent version - perhaps you skipped a version?). The UK Stageplay format used to be built in, but now it is contained in the Extras. Whilst on the surface this may seem like a backwards step, it is actually a leap forward, because whereas before you were limited to four script formats, you can now define your own. Thus, as of 1.10, the Stageplay formats became a format that had been created and saved for later use rather than built into the program - you can now tweak it if you so wish.

Sorry if that is a bit of an obtuse explanation; it’s 1.30am here, I’m on my way to bed and my head is a fuzzed with wine…