UK stage play - scriptwriting issue

Hi - I’m trying to change the element to general text but it’s greyed out. What should I do?
Thanks for any suggestions.

  • I’m writing this sometime after my original post. Somehow, I’ve no idea how, I’ve managed to see the change element section without it being greyed out. Now I have another issue following on which I’ll raise in another topic.

Make sure to click on the script element you want to change before pulling down the menu. The commands are greyed out because Scrivener’s focus is not on a paragraph in your script.


Thanks for this. Is there a way I can pause or slow this down as it’s quite fast for me :laughing:

It just demonstrates that you have to click in the text first. If you click outside the text (on a header/menu bar), the Editor loses focus and those menu items go grey.

Thanks. Okay - I’ve got it now :grinning: