Ulysses 1.5 beta

Not a bad compromise; though it appears that it just inserts the //// characters for you, which is probably not what Mac users expect to see.

Here’s what I was expecting.

If there is no text selected:
Hit the italics key will insert a //. You start typing; when you hit the italics again, it inserts another //. Couldn’t be easier.

If text is selected:
Put a // at one end of the selection and another // at the other.

Of course the problem is that they cannot aply formatting across paragraphs.

Still it works and at least it is possible to get some visual clue as to how long the formatting has run for. In 1.2, you often exported it before you realised that you were missing a single / and that your whole chapter was rendered in italics.

Indeed. There forums are much quieter than I expected given the amount of time that folk have been waiting for this beta.

From the few days that I was using it, I found that it definitely lacks the fit and finish that the Scrivener beta 1 had. Looked to me as if they had released it a little earlier than they should. Why? I suspect they may have gotten hold of the SG beta and decided to get something out there, before their user base vanished overnight.

Is their test base drying up? Hard to tell at the moment.
It could be that they lost quite a few people when they were locked away for a year. I think they may have lost a few people when the beta was seen, many of whom probably came here on the same day.
But there is one other possibility; they may still have a large number of users, who just don’t speak because they don’t want to upset the developers.

Spent months trying out lots of other software.
Didn’t come across Ulysses - or if I did, I didn’t notice it.

Detail is important, I agree; but really what I like doing is writing, and I’m ever-grateful not to be still using an Olivetti typewriter (remember? the sort that let you type in red as well as black… if you turned the tape reels over and got ink all over your hands).

Found Scrivener Gold.
Tried out Scrivener b1
Trying out b2.
Looking forward to b3/4 and v1.0
Suits me fine.
Very pleased.
Writing progressing very well as a direct result.

Personally, not fussed about shell scripts.
Regards, Leigh

An Olivetti Lettera 35 in the icon! I still have one of those; and a Royal De Lux Quiet portable; an Olympia SM-9 (the best of the lot, by a long shot); and an ancient 1926 Underwood 3-row portable.

I still like writing on a typewriter from time to time. It is kind of like sculpting in stone. All of that tactile roar and ding; inky aching sore fingers.

Well, you won’t get the aching fingers, but …

[url]Visual Typewriter]

I think the guys from blue-tec will design a good solution for at least one most-requested need: the one-level folders (filter-based) for 1.5. They’re promising some folder structure by 2.0.

If they do implement it, I’ll enjoy two different writing environments for two different projects. Excellent way to differentiate projects! :slight_smile:

Ulysses promises to be a very solid programme for novellas, reasonably short research papers, and short stories.

Scrivener is great for pretty much everything, in my little view.

The latest beta looks quite promising. I’ve been able to set up some simple structure using the Collections.

I still find Scrivener’s execution more elegant though. Just a question of style preference, I guess.

It’s fascinating to see two applications address the same needs from vastly different starting points.