Ulysses 1.5 released

Eek. Okay, let’s not fall out anyone. :frowning: Entirely my fault for griping in the first place, admittedly, but let’s try to play nice. :slight_smile:

First off - don’t worry, I may get grumpy sometimes, but that doesn’t mean Scrivener is becoming a burden or that I’m going to throw my toys out of the pram, stamp my foot and refuse to develop any more. In fact, I have put a load of work into 1.02, and I think a lot of users will find something nice in it. Okay, there are no footnote improvements, no BibDesk incorporation, no page layout view, but hey. :slight_smile:

And for the record: I do still welcome all suggestions. That’s what these forums are for, in part, after all. If I didn’t want suggestions, there would be no wish list. And I welcome these suggestions from all users - whether academic, fiction, screenwriters, whatever. My grumpiness - here and elsewhere - did not stem from the plethora of suggestions; my grumpiness rather came from the turn some suggestions were taking. I try to answer all posts and all suggestions, but some people seem to find it very hard to take “no” or “not yet” for an answer, and start insisting that their suggestion should be implemented soon, and then, in defence of that stance, they start telling me what other programs do, or telling me that I’m not looking at their suggestion from a user’s perspective but only from an intransigent developer’s perspective… And so on. At which point, I get a little shirty, what, with being human and all. :slight_smile: But I understand why users try to fight their corner - I have done it myself on the forums of other apps I have cared about (and now understand why the developers of those programs got shirty with me :slight_smile: ) - so I hope they don’t get too offended when I get a little snappy with them.

Um, yeah. That’s my morning therapy out of the way.


Keith, and others, I think its important to keep in mind why Keith developed Scrivener in the first place - because none of the other writing programs worked the way Keith wanted them to. Keith then developed Scrivener to be a writing tool to fit in with his workflow. Anyone who doesn’t like X implementation in Scrivener or wants it to have Y are free to use other programs that do this.

I for one am perfectly happy with Scrivener as it is. That doesn’t mean I don’t make suggestions from time to time, but I always keep in mind that this is Keith’s baby and my paying him a registration fee doesn’t allow me to dictate the direction that Scrivener should be taking.

Well, actually, once I paid my $34.99, I was supplied my own personal version of Scriv with tons of special capabilities like normal returns in corkboard view, footnotes, bibliography, thesaurus, dictionary, database and typesetting. There’s even a special menu for all the screenwriting additions I requested. I don’t do a bit of screenwriting, but it’s fun to pull down the menu sometimes.

And, of course, like everyone here I appreciate the little things K. does, the twice a week laundry pickup and delivery, tidying up the floors, and feeding the dog when I can’t be bothered.


What I notice is that Keith is endeavoring to reply to every request and explain why it can’t/might not be/maybe will be implemented. If he could stand to do it, maybe he should let people go ahead and post their ideas, but not necessarily respond to them. Or, if that sounds too cruel, just have a one line answer that says “Added to the list for Version 2.0 consideration.” That doesn’t promise anything one way or the other, but it lets people know their ideas aren’t being ignored.

If and when a version 2.0 rolls around, Keith could take a look at all the suggestions, consolidate them, and then discuss which ones will fit into the scope of Scrivener, which won’t, and how those that do might be implemented.


I think Keith is handling things just fine, thanks. Give the guy some room.

I, for one, appreciate a “I don’t intend to ever add that feature. Sorry.” answer from a developer, particularly when it is a shareware app.

Shareware? I believe Keith has been quite clear from the start about what he’s doing and why. To me, it’s bizzare that some people feeling entitled to having Keith work his ass off to provide this feature or that. What I’m trying to say is (how do I say this diplomatically?): Keith is not at thy beck & call :wink:

I think he was probably being sincere, katzenjammer.

Gordon, I’m sorry if I misread you. :blush: Thanks Crux for the heads-up.