Ulysses to Markdown conversion script

For my own usage, I created a little script that takes the type of syntax Ulysses uses to denote format, and convert it to Markdown. I figured at least one person out there might get some use out of it, so I’m sharing it. If you do not know how to install and run shell scripts, it might not be very useful. :slight_smile: Also, I am positive it has bugs in extreme situations. For my simple documents, it works fine.

Right now, Markdown does not really do much in Scrivener. However, something else it does is convert Ulysses comments into Scrivener annotations. Likewise with footnotes. There are a few preferences at the top of the script, but if you want to make drastic changes to the way it formats, you’ll have to edit the code. It is written in Ruby, and must be run from the command line with a supplied text file.

~/Documents/$ uly2markdown.rb ulysses_export.txt ~/Documents/$ open ulysses_export-markdown.txt

Download here (right-click and save to file).