Umlaute in German (Ä,Ö,Ü)


I am just using scrivener. great program.
but I have a problem:
I am a german user and when I write my script in script modus I am not able to write Ä, Ö, Ãœ or ä, ö, ü…

I’ve checked everything. Maybe I am too stupid.
Please help me.


Is this when the script is auto-capitalised, e.g. for scene headers? If so, this is a limitation of the capitalisation process. You can turn off auto-caps for such elements via Text > Scriptwriting > Script Settings and do it manually to work around it, though.
Hope that helps.
All the best,

hi keith,

sorry no. actually it appears during writing in e.g. ACTION mode. when I start writing e.g. “er geht rüber…” (means: he goes there) the “ü” won’t appear correctly.

so either in scene heading, action, general text etc. I am not able to write ä, ö and ü…

sorry. I hope you can help me.
thanks a lot.

or to make it more clear…

I import a richt text file (where all “ä,ö,ü” are shown correctly). and everytime I change separate parts of the text and transform them into Secene Heading, Action, Character etc. all the “ä,ö,ü” change and become strange letters…