Un-clickable scene list appears in text window

A un-clickable scene list appears in text window. This makes scrivener not work and useless.

Could you please explain what it is you are trying to do, preferably with screenshots so that others may help you?

By the way, have you done the tutorial?

I’ve been using scrivener for several years and have published five books using it. I know how it is supposed to work. This problem just appeared when I logged in this morning. The software still works as far as writing goes, but the scene display it is not supposed to be there on the compose screen.

I wonder if it will show up when I compile.

I’ll try to get a screenshot to you.


Without a screenshot it’s hard to say what might be happening.


If in the search you type snip
you should see “snipping tool” appear. That should make it simple to grab the whole screen or a region and clip it. - Unless I’m mistaken, the snipping tool is in windows 7, 8 and 10.