Un-peeing the bed (scriv lost stuff, I know it's in there somewhere)

With deep humility I request help recovering some stuff from a Scriv project. I did a bunch of searching for similar help, but found many, many search results that didn’t quite apply to my situation. I have gone through the process of recovering bits of a project after a bad crash, but I’m pretty sure the last time I did this was Scriv 1, and my brain has rotted since then.

I got Scriv 3 a couple of days ago. It kept crashing while either syncing or backing up (not sure which, not sure if I can tell the difference). I just opened it up, and everything is gone.

I can make this very simple. The only things in the problem project were two scenes from a novel. I think the best thing is to recover these pieces of text and put them somewhere safe, then sort out why Scriv is crashing when it backs up. I’m sure it is all my cat’s fault.

I have some backups on iCloud and some in a backup directory on a local disk. I turned off automatic backups while I’m trouble-shooting. I’m pretty sure that syncing is involved somewhere.

If someone could start by pointing me to instructions for pulling text bits out of a broken project, I would be most grateful.

Edit: I would like to add that there is a backup with the right time stamp in the backup folder, but when I uncompress and open it, nothing appears, the same with the project itself. I also have time machine backups.

Another edit: I got the second chunk of text from a backup. The first chunk of text is not visible and there is nothing in the binder.

I found the sync folder, found the text files in it, and copied them into a totally new project started with Scriv 3, with a different name.

So far there are no crashes.

I suppose you can go ahead and close this post.

Good luck to everyone.