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I have been using Scrivener for several years. Out of the blue, when I tried to open one of three projects I am currently working on, I get the message “Update Project? The project you are trying to load uses an older file format and cannot be opened. Would you like to update it? A copy of the old project will be saved in the same directory.”

The thing is, I didn’t update my Scrivener? My other two projects are fine. (Though I’m afraid to close them and maybe lose access to them!

I am using

Anyone able to help? I emailed support several days ago, but no response.

Thank you!

This is what normally happens when trying to open a Scrivener V1 project in Scrivener V3.
And as the message says, it creates a clone of the project, untouched, still fully compatible with V1.

So in short, aren’t you by any chance unknowingly trying to open your project in V3 ?
If you installed V3 to have a look, it is likely that it became the default app for .scrivx files.
You can restore the default by :

Pick Scrivener V1 from the list of apps (its icon is a square), make sure to check “Always use this app to open .scrivx files”.
This should set things as they were before. (You only need to do this once, for one project, and it’ll be fixed for all of your projects.)


. . . . . . . . . .
Alternatively, you can launch Scrivener V1 first, and load your projects through its interface. (Each time).
Might also be a good time to do a solid backup of your projects.

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