Unable to add document or folder in toolbar with text

Is this a bug?
I changed my toolbar to just ‘Text Only’ by option clicking on an icon. The ‘Add’ item on the toolbar becomes greyed out. However if I change back to ‘Icon & Text’ or ‘Icon Only’ it becomes usable again.

It is not actually a bug, but rather a limitation in the way the toolbar works in OS X – similar to the limitation that makes QuickSearch entry areas stop working in text only mode. When in text only mode, it only shows the label for the function, and in this case, the drop-down feature is part of the icon, which is hidden. I do not think OS X’s toolbars can attach features to a text label, like you can in Firefox.

Thanks Amber. Good to know it’s not a bug at this late stage in development.
I was just trying to reduce the amount of screen on my laptop taken up by the toolbar, but it’s not a big issue for me - I prefer the icons anyway.

I’ve actually been doing away with the toolbar altogether for a while; just hiding the whole thing. I much prefer keyboard shortcuts, and everything in there has an equivalent. Quicksearch could be slightly more clumsy, but since I can initiate a search and dismiss a search entirely with the keyboard (Cmd-Ctrl-F), it ends up being quicker than quick – for me anyway.

I just love how clean an application looks without a toolbar.