Unable to Arrange by Label in Corkboard

I’ve been using the most basic functions of Scrivener for a few weeks, but an now trying to use it to organize my multiple POV manuscript.
The videos show me how to arrange my labelled chapters in Corkboard, along parallel lines that correspond to my designation. They indicate “an icon in the footer row” to do this. But I see no such icon in the footer row, and haven’t been able to find it in the drop down “View” menu or anywhere else.
This isn’t the first time that what I see in a video hasn’t corresponded to what I find in my own Scrivener program.
Any guidance will be appreciated.

What version of Scrivener are you using? If you’re on 1.9.16, you won’t have that line view in Corkboard – that’s a v3 feature.

You are absolutely right. I have version 1.9.16, though I subscribed just 3 months ago! When I clicked for updates I’m told that I’m fully up to date.
Hmmm… I’ll have to look into that.
Thanks devinganger!

You are fully up to date … for Scrivener 1.

Scrivener 3 came out March 23rd. If you bought version 1 after Nov. 20, 2017, Scrivener 3 is a free upgrade.

Thanks, drmajorbob! :+1: