Unable to cancel file import

I’ve run across this bug a few times now. I am pretty fanatical about keeping all of my documents sorted into appropriate folders. When I need to import a file, I go to FILE - IMPORT, and find the parent folder that houses the file I need. Scrivener will let me open a parent folder (Documents, Writing) for example, but when I click on Writing to open it and select the file I want, instead, Scrivener will start importing the entire folder, which is pretty massive. There is a little X on the side of the side of the “importing” pop-up, which I’m assuming should cancel the process, but when I click on it, nothing happens. A few times, I’ve had to force quit the program because of this.

I can’t reproduce this - the cancel “x” always works for me. It will only work in-between files, so if it is importing a large file, it might not do anything until that large file finishes importing, but it should certainly not make you wait until all files are imported. I can’t think of anything that would cause that, either. Does it ever work correctly for you, and if so, can you think of any particular steps required to trigger the bug?