Unable to change daily target totals

As you’ll see from the attatchment below, Scrivener thinks the daily total is 4 words!

However although I can edit the project totals, I can’t edit the daily total box. Despite being blue (lowest screenshot) I can’t edit it or even tab through to the daily totals! I am stumped. Has anyone had this problem before me and if so, what’s the solution?


Inspiration/desperation struck as I closed the browser.

I changed the unit from characters to pages and that released whatever it was that was blocking things. I’m leaving my post up in caseit helps someone in the future.

Helen, off to write more than 4 words!

I’m not sure how you got from characters to pages (usually, you count words–that’s the default), but the reason you weren’t able to change your session target was that you had set a deadline. When you do that, Scrivener calculates how many words (or characters?) you have to write each day to achieve your total word count goal by that deadline.

For example, if you set your deadline to April 30, 2015, and today is April 27, 2015, and you have all the weekdays selected in the options on that window, then you’ll have 3 days left to write (the 27th, 28th, and 29th… if you check "Allow writing on day of deadline, then you’d have 4 days).

At 3,283 out of 15,000 words done, you have 11,717 words to go. With only 3 days left until your (imaginary) April 30 deadline, Scrivener would calculate your session target to be 3905 or 3906 (depending on how it rounded). If you exceeded or fell short of that 3905 words on the 27th, Scrivener would then recalculate your daily goal on the 28th.

Your settings had your deadline set for the last day of the year 2025, so it was dividing your remaining words by the number of weekdays (Mon-Fri in your screenshot) between now and December 31, 2025, and it came up with 3 words every weekday to achieve your word count goal. Change the date to sometime this year and your daily session target will be more reasonable.

Thanks for your explanation, @robertdguthrie. Much appreciated.