Unable to change default font setting

I’ve changed (and applied) the font settings in Options > Appearance from Courier to Calibri for both my Document Notes and Project Notes. However, when I start a new project, the font is still appearing as Courier New 12 point. It is also still showing as Courier in the dropdown box.

Have I done something wrong? How do I get Scrivener to accept the font change for all new projects?


You need to change these settings in the editor tab not the appearance tab. You change the font settings by clicking on the blue A. You change other settings such as line spacing using icons next to blue A.

Hope that helps.


That’s great, many thanks.

I thought it would be something really simple which I was missing :blush:

Thanks; I too was having the Appearance tab problem. Editor tab, not so intuitive. But now I’m a happy Scrivener user once more!

The default font setting is not applied to my tables. Can someone confirm this? Is this a known bug?

Also, I can only re-format my tables once they contain actual text. Selecting an empty table beforehand to assign my favorite font to it won’t work either.

Yes, the issues with tables is a known. It’s been marked for fixing hopefully in the next release.