Unable to change Folder name using the Folder Title on the Editor window.

In Scrivener 1, we were able to change the name of any “folder” or “file” using the title bar across the top of the editor window. However, in Scrivener 3, we are now only able to change the name of a “file” using this method. This means that should I want to change the name of a “folder”, I need to use the binder. This can be problematic when color schemes result in a white textbox with white text in the binder as I reported yesterday.

Was this a deliberate change, or just an oversight?

While I am using the default theme, you can change the title of the folder or document in either the Binder (double click) or the title area (click on or into the namespace):[attachment=0]Screenshot 2021-04-07 121458.png[/attachment]

As for the binder going white on white, you would probably want to fix that before trying to make changes to the folders or documents.

I can change both at my machine. Files and folders are virtually identical, so I’m surprised they don’t act the same way for you.

The main condition I can think of that would cause this is if you are viewing the folder in Scrivenings mode. In that case, the folder is printed into the heading as a prefix to the section you are currently editing. In that case, neither element is editable. Eventually they hope to fix it so that the section name can be edited, but even in the Mac version you can’t edit the prefix.

The limitations aside, this is easy to resolve by hitting Ctrl+1 to turn off Scrivenings mode, edit the title, then the same shortcut to switch it back on (you can also of course use the buttons if you prefer).

But he says the toggle doesn’t work (maybe he means the toolbar toggle, but still):

[url]Scrivenings toggle not working. (unable to switch between group and single file)]

Yes! This fixed the issue. Thank you. Scrivenings mode seems to be problematic at the moment. But still getting used to the new interface.