Unable to color code folders anymore

Since upgrading to I cannot color code folders anymore. I used to be able to right-click on a folder and apply a Label. That would also apply the color of the label to the selected folder in my binder. Since upgrading to I noticed that even though I apply a colored label, the color change never really shows on the binder. Since no one else has reported this, am I the only one seeing this? Any suggestions?

Windows 10 here, running latest updates.


It should be working fine. Tinting the icon with a label colour is a per project setting, toggled in the View/Use Label Color In/ sub-menu (which might read differently if you’ve change what labels are called). I believe also F6 is the keyboard toggle for that option. Perhaps you either started a new project, or accidentally hit F6 at some point?

The default shortcut for color coding the labels within the Binder is F5, guys. It seems working in my tests too.

Thank you all, problem solved. Hadn’t realised colored labels were project-specific. The F6 toggle did the trick for me!

Just to clarify, F5 applies the label color as a title background color, and F6 tints the binder icons using the label color.