Unable to compile to .docx

When trying to compile a small project (2 “folders”, 5 “texts”, a total of 6 pages of text) to .docx, wonderful Scrivener tells that he “Could not convert to…”, and “May require Ms Word to be installed”. I do have Word 2010 (Portuguese) installed, on Win 7 Sp1. It works just fine when compiling to .doc, .pdf. and .html.


Same to me.
With Word 2010 (French version) installed, I get an error message about MS Word, simultaneously an “abort” message, and no .docx file.

Compile to .doc brings up no message, but compiles to a file with no more than 5 characters on each line.

And .doc/.docx files do not import : Blank page, not even an icon in the binder, although the application seems to be working hard “converting document”.