Unable to compile to PDF if PDF file already exists

Since moving to MacOS Catalina I cannot compile to PDF without deleting the PDF file in Finder first.

My steps:

  • Select Compile. Dialog pops up. I hit return.
  • Export dialog pops up. I hit return.
    ➜ Scrivener tells about existing PDF and – as if I had hit return once again – ‘clicks’ cancel. There is no chance to hit ‘replace’.

Please note: This behavior is not consistent. There are times when I can select ‘replace’ and everything works fine. I could not figure out a rhyme or rhythm …

Best wishes,

I’m running Scrivener 3.1.4 on MacOS 10.5.1 on an iMac.

The specifics of how the file save dialogue box works are common Apple tools, there isn’t any Scrivener code in there other than the optional settings that are inserted at the bottom. The behaviour you describe sounds a bit to me like a macro left running in the background or something along those lines. But if you don’t use any tools of that nature, it’s probably just a 10.15 bug.

Thanks for the swift reply. Catalina and iOS 13 are the buggiest releases since pre-MacOS 10 times. At least I was never affected that much before …