Unable to delete or move a item in the binder to the trash

I’ve got an item in the binder that I can put items like new text or folders under it and I can rename it but I cannot actually put text on it, delete it or move it to the trash. All I can do is move it around to anyplace but the trash and put other documents into it as if it were a folder or parent document. I can assign it tags and status.

Any suggestions on how to get rid of it?

Shift-del does not work on it either.


Is it called either “Draft” or “Research”? Or if you have re-named them, do they have the same icons shown in the picture below?

The bare minimum you can have in the binder:
Untitled picture.png

These are the two main areas for storing everything in your project, and therefore cannot be deleted. Draft is for your actual writing, and has special meaning when it comes to compiling your work (the work for compiling is as a default the files in your draft folder)
Research is for other stuff - notes to yourself, documents found off the interwebs, etc. All the things that aren’t in the actual written piece.

You can, of course, create additional folders at the same level as the Draft and Research folder if that suits the way you want to work. In this case they will all act in a similar way to the Research folder for compile purposes (ie, won’t be included) but you will be able to add text, and of course anything you have created, you can also destroy.

You can also re-name these two folders to something else if you prefer (you might prefer “novel”, “manuscript”, or “script” to “Draft”, for instance), but that won’t change the non-delete nature of the folder.

Thanks for the clarification. I had a hunch that was the issue. When I started my project It was of course named DRAFT eventually I renamed it to something else then renamed it again and later on moved it around and eventually decided it wasn’t necessary. Makes sense now.