Unable to do "Automatic Update"

To be honest, in my case this is an old problem. I just didn’t try again until today.

Since I have the OLD version of Scrivener, I installed the new one in folder “scrivener3”, as suggested in order to have both versions working side by side.

That works perfectly!

What I’ve noticed though, is that whenever I try to do the automatic update from within Scrivener 3, I always get a “destination ${installdir} resolved to an empty value” error.

Is it because I don’t have the STANDARD directory? Does this mean that people who install on different directories than just ‘scrivener’ will have problem updating?

Check out the screenshot of the error below.

Off to download and install manually… :arrow_right:


Installing using the MANUAL option, I noticed that the following screen never gets showed in the “AUTOMATIC UPDATE”.

I would be a matter of showing it and it should work, IMHO, because the user would be able to select the right directory. I just add a 3 at the end of ‘Scrivener’ on that screen and voilá, problem solved and the installation works like a charm.


The first problem is most likely due to different Scrivener installation Windows user account from the account being used during Scrivener update.
The second screenshot you use the full installer and because of this you are asked for an installation destination, which is not needed when you update an existing Scrivener installation.

Interesting because I’m the only user of this computer.

I do have a separate ADMINISTRATOR account that normally gets used for installations, but not by logging on as a separate user, but mostly by running the program “as an administrator”, which is the recommended way of installing software in Windows, according to my understanding.

So, what you’re saying is that I should try and run Scrivener itself ‘as an administrator’ whenever I want to use the automatic upgrade option, right?

Normally other programs just popup the “user account control” screen and ask for User with enough rights to enter their credentials.

Anyway, thanks for the tip, I’ll test it and report.

I think you’ll run into an amount of trouble, as I did recently testing this, if you “run Scrivener as administrator”, trying to get the auto-upload to work.

I think there’s an issue item for later where the installer is planned to be improved so none of this is necessary, as with most programs, but for now, there is one simple way and reliable way to upgrade from a non-admin login (which we are much safer to use – the one recommendation from Microsoft that I may be in agreement with :slight_smile: )

  • realize you want to upgrade, either because Scrivener alerts you on startup, or because you’ve been watching the forums.
  • close Scrivener entirely
  • download the upgrade from the link in the forum
  • run that ‘as administrator’, using the right-mouse menu.
  • installer will start up fine, request your admin password from that second account, and then install nicely as you expect
  • use the new upgrade as you always do, after closing the installer, and all will be well

Hey Narrsd,

That is basically what I’ve been doing all this time, to be honest. Only one little difference, namely, that I do a proper ‘uninstall’ before installing the downloaded version as you explain, because I discovered that I had like 5 different versions of Scrivener installed when I did it this way.

Beyond that, and with the mentioned caveats, it works like a charm.

Thanks for your comment.