Unable to Drag and drop between projects[BUG LOGGED]

With two projects open, I am unable to drag and drop Docs(files) between open projects

Example - I have a character bio template in one project that I would like to be able to drag and drop over into another project – this would seem to be more intuitive as individual document names dont correlate with the rtf file name

I believe this just is not implemented yet, but will be. In final incarnation, dragging between projects will copy everything that is possible. The only two things that can cause data loss are labels and status. If the target project does not have the same labels and status set up, then the drag will not retain them, but everything else should come along, even including snapshots, synopsis, etc. It would be a bit of a pain to do this manually because, not only as you noticed are the files serial numbered (this allows you to use names that would otherwise not be allowed, as well as duplicate names), but each file in the binder can have up to four component files. Notes, Synopsis, main text, and any hyperlinks in the text.