Unable to drag text

I’ve been doing my darnedest to sell a friend of mine on Scrivener, and she loves everything about it except one thing: apparently she can’t select a block of text and drag it to another location. I checked on my copy and I can (even though I’m a cut-n-paste girl myself). Is there a setting she should check for?

She’s using the very latest version under Tiger. I’m using the latest under Leopard, so our setups aren’t exactly equivalent, in case that makes a difference. She can drag text in other applications, so it is working on her machine.

Drag the selected text out to the Binder and give the item a name. Copy the text. Then scroll to the new position, select a point of entry for the cursor, and paste. Think of the Binder as a place to throw text, store it a while, and later place it somewhere else. You could even have a folder, called Naughty Bits or Homeless, for snippets that need new places.

I think she wants to drag it within a document, and apparently it’s just not working at all. As I said, however, it is working on mine.

But that little feature of dragging it out to the Binder (when it works for her, sigh) is a good one to mention…

Have you actually stood over her and watched her try? I only ask because there is no reason this wouldn’t be working… Unless you are talking at cross-purposes (or we are). :slight_smile: For instance, she may be expecting Word behaviour and not doing things the same way you are…

No, sadly, I haven’t been able to, because she is in New Jersey and I am in California. But I assume she knows how to do it, because she does it in other apps…