Unable to edit a Chapter Synopsis in Manuscript

Please see screenshot below.
I imported a few chapters of my book from Word.
The first chapter (titled, “Where Should We Begin?”) has a quote immediately after the chapter heading. You can see the quote ‘greyed out’ … “It’s just human beings etc.”
Problem is I can’t seem to edit this anywhere. Yet it prints out when I hit compile and I don’t want to just rewrite it in the Synopsis section under the Inspector, because I have dozens of other chapters that I’ll import later on which have similar quotes already done.
What am I missing here? (Thanks in advance.)

It’s grayed out because it’s actually part of the document’s body text, which Scrivener is autofilling in lieu of an actual Synopsis. Edit it in the body text.

To make it the actual Synopsis, select in the body text and use the Documents → Auto-fill → Set Synopsis from Selection command.


Thanks for that … except it doesn’t appear anywhere in the body text? It only appears here (as in, the greyed out bit shown in the screenshot).

I played around and found a fix (sort of). I hit ‘Convert to File’ on the Where Should We Begin folder and converted it to text. Then I copied the greyed text (the quote) to another file/section. Then ‘re-converted’ the Where Should We Begin file, back to a Folder.

Not sure if that makes sense. I’m new to this. Anyway it worked, which is all that matters I guess.

But … appreciate you replying to my query and trying to solve it.

I suspect that what actually happened is that you were in Scrivenings mode and had the option to show folder text turned off. Other than the Synopsis and the body text, there isn’t anywhere that information can come from.

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend taking a look at our Interactive Tutorial, available from the Help menu. It’s a good overview of Scrivener’s fundamental operations.