unable to empty trash

I restarted Scriv after it had apparently crashed (this was news to me, btw) and, being a tad anal about this kind of thing, I emptied the trash - or tried to.

I attach a screenshot of the message and the majority of the trashed files that aren’t moving. As you see, there’s no error code or anything other than the message that it can’t be emptied.

ALL the files are images, no pdfs - and the few text files went with the exeption of a Spreadsheet (TLR Calendar).

I’m confounded having looked in the Knowledge Base without finding anything before posting here.


Have you checked the project’s file permissions, as suggested by the warning? That is all this message typically refers to: there are one or more files within the project that you, as a user on the Mac, do not have permission to delete.

Note that fixing permissions on a package-based file format requires a bit of a process, as described here.

thanks, Amber. I’ll try it later and if I get stuck I’ll get back to you.