Unable to highlight in v3.0.1 Windows version

I am unable to highlight text in v3.0.1. Is there something I’ve missed?
I select the text, then click on the highlight icon and nothing happens.
Thanks in advance for the help

Have you moved the cursor away from the highlighted text after clicking the highlight icon? Otherwise you are not going to notice the highlight.

Yes, I did.
I have also tried the other options for highlighting, Format> Highlight> Highlight Text; select the text Right click > Highlight Color> [selected color].

Hmm, sounds very strange. For me all these variants do work just fine. So let’s think about what might be different in your case. Could you just open a brand new project, add a simple text and try it there? Try to stick as close to normal as possible, Times Roman Font, … leave all on default.

I open a blank project after resetting to option changes to default. I can now highlight text.
The file I was unable to highlight was created in v.
I recently upgraded to 3.x, looks like I need to get used to the changes.
Thank you for your time.

I figured it out.
If “Preserve Formatting” is selected, you cannot see the highlighted text.
I figured it had something to do with the dashed line box around the text.

You are welcome! Glad we solve this.