Unable to Import and Split from Final Draft 9

I was able to Import and Split until I upgraded to FD9. Now I can only import into one gigantic scent. Trying to format the imported material doesn’t work. I am new to Scrivener so wondering if there was something I was supposed to do differently in FD9. Import and split from Final Draft 8 worked like a dream.

What method were you using previously with the FD8 files to identify the splits? Windows doesn’t have a way currently of automatically splitting scripts based on the scene header, so nothing’s different in that sense in how it’s handling FDX files from the two different versions. Perhaps though in FD8 you had some additional configuration that added a character or other indicator between scenes that you were able to use as the split hook when importing?

I upgraded to FD9 and opened my FD8 script, and saved it under FD9. I don’t know if FD8 did something that FD9 isn’t doing. Somehow FD8 saved it in a way then Scrivener recognized everything.

Are you saying I need to put something in my FD9 script to signal to Scrivener that it’s a new scene? INT isn’t enough? I don’t understand. When I looked at the Scrivener guide, it made it sound that it would automatically split. If it doesn’t, it isn’t of much use to me.