Unable to import manuscript from Word

I imported an entire folder into Scrivener, but one of my Word files (the manuscript itself) would not import. Scrivener gives me this message: ‘Some files could not be imported because they were of an unsupported file type or contained data that could not be read’.

I noticed the manuscript file didn’t have a file extension, so I made a copy of the file and added the .doc extension (I don’t know why it was missing as I only ever use it in Word (2004 version) and all my other (2004) Word files imported fine).

Fixing the extension didn’t fix the problem (although at least Scrivener is seeing the file now).

So I looked to the other part of the message and thought maybe the images pasted in the document were a problem. But after removing them, I’m still getting the same error message.

I saw a link provided to other users with a similar problem, but the link won’t open when I download it.

Please help me.

Thanks, Lou

Don’t worry! I figured out how to convert to rich text format and have imported it now.