Unable to install updates.

I’m running Scrivener for Windows 1.6.10 and 1.7.10 wants to update. But when I try it says the installation and runtime location are mismatch and the I need to uninstall or remove copies not in the path shown.

I don’t have any copies installed anywhere else. I’m not sure what I need to do.

Please just download the full installer from the website (here’s a direct link) and install over your existing 1.6.1 installation. There’s a bug in the 1.6.1 updater that’s causing this issue, but the 1.7.1 installation should fix it for the future. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Ah! Thanks. Did that and it worked.

Worked here, too; thanks!

I’ve tried 3 times now to download the update directly from the website with no luck. The installation message won’t go past 33 or 42.9/68.9 MB. And just now, the installer cancelled itself. Postscript: I’ve since rebooted and tried twice more, without getting past 15.2/68.9 MB of the installation. I’m running Windows 8.1. Thoughts?

Try this link, and maybe try a different browser–someone else was reporting a lot of trouble with downloads on the new Firefox, and even if you’re on something else it’s just as well to switch it up if you’re having trouble.

The link you provided worked without a glitch, Jennifer - many thanks! In case it helps, I used Chrome for every attempt. I will try to remember to switch to an alternate browser next time I need to troubleshoot something.

Worked perfectly, thanks! :smiley: