Unable to install updates

This is potentially just an oversight on my part (I’m not very tech literate), so forgive me if the answer is an obvious one, but I’ve not been able to install updates to Scrivener for some time now. Whenever I try, I get the following error message:

“Installation and Runtime location mismatch. Scrivener is not currently running from its last installed location.” (Please see the attached screenshot for full details).

I’m not sure if the problem is due to my opening a project from a shortcut on my desktop, but I’ve opened Scrivener from the installation location on my C drive, and keep getting the same error message. I’ve gone into Windows File Explorer, and the application is only installed at that one location, so it’s not a problem of multiple copies or anything.

As I said, I’m not very computer savvy, and this may just be a silly mistake on my part, but any advice would be gratefully received.

I am not a Windows user, but in a similar thread…

…one of the moderators recommends downloading a fresh copy of Scrivener from the L&L website, rather than using the internal update mechanism.

You can download the latest version of Scrivener from…
literatureandlatte.com/scriv … atform=win

Quit Scrivener before installing the new version.

Many thanks indeed. I’ll give that a try.

I’m having similar issues with the latest update (Aug 2016). And I’ve done what the error message suggests and removed the copy that was in the Program Files folder (why there was one there and in its own Scrivener folder, I don’t know). But it’s still not working. I can try the suggested fix of downloading a new copy, but what I’ve been wary of doing is uninstalling my copy of Scrivener as the error message suggests. It might be overly paranoid of me, but how can I be sure my files are safe and remain on my machine? I’d like to know, in case this doesn’t work and I’m forced to uninstall instead.


Uninstalling Scrivener doesn’t remove the project files you create with Scrivener; you save your project files in folders other than the ones Scrivener creates. Worst case scenario would be that you saved those files in one of the folder Scrivener created – and then the uninstall routine would not remove those files, and would then not be able to remove the folders because they weren’t empty.

Just to let you know, I tried this and it seems to have worked perfectly. It’s updated all my work files, and everything is running smoothly. Thanks again for you help.

Good news. A pleasure.

Happy writing