Unable to launch the app

I bought, installed and registered Scrivener in August and have only used it a few times to try it out. It worked fine. I am now ready to start using it in earnest. However, clicking on the icon in the Applications folder no longer launches the program; it simply places an Scrivener icon on the Dock. The only way I can start the program is to click on an existing .scriv document.

I have uninstalled the application (by dragging its icon from the Applications folder to the trash) and re-installed a freshly downloaded version. This has not helped.

MacBookPro. Leopard 10.5.6

Are you sure it isn’t running, but with no projects open? Does Scrivener appear in the menu bar? If it does, just select File -> New Project, or File -> Open, and go from there.

Keith has added a splash screen for the last beta version (available in the beta forum), but I don’t think it was there in the last official release.


Matt is right. 1.11 Would open and could appear as if nothing happened if no project were open. This happened frequently enough that in the 1.12 Beta KB put an actual startup splash screen and the future 2.0 will be easier to identify that SCR is running.

Ah, yes…the menu bar! I’m still fairly new to the Mac (less than a year) and I didn’t think to look up there. Yes, I can choose “new project” from the File menu. Thanks, all.

Don’t stress… it happens to lots of people when they switch over to Macs (including me).

That is why Keith added the splash screen for the next release - this question comes up often enough it was worth adding.