Unable to Learn Spelling on short names

To repro, try typing “Lian” (without the quotes). Observe as Lian changes to Lean.

This auto-corrects to “Lean” almost every time I type it in Scrivener; I do not have this problem in Word. Even as I type it into this web text box I am at least getting a red underline an no autocorrect, so it seems to be related to Scrivener.

There is no red underline. Therefore, if I right-click on the name, I cannot select “Learn Spelling” as I would with longer names.

Solution: offer the option “Learn Spelling” even if there is no red line. OR give me the red line if the spellcheck still wants to insist it isn’t a word.
Bad possible workaround: set up a shortcut on the Mac so I have LLL change to Lian
Not a solution: add word to spellcheck dictionary per project (because writing something like Protag4 instead of just Lian is even more inefficient/disruptive than having to type Lian twice after it gets autocorrected on me.)

I should add that my character names that are 5 letters long do not seem to have this problem, I get the red line and can select “Learn Spelling”.

This is why I turn off autocorrect in Scrivener, but leave spellcheck enabled. :nerd_face:

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I’m pretty sure the autocorrect function is driven by a MacOS system function, so if you choose to use it there is probably nothing Scrivener can do to save you form this particular annoyance.


p.s. I also leave autocorrect off and have spellcheck enabled.