Unable to load MAC 3.0 Template

I exported a template from the latest MAC version, I was unable to upload that file when transferred to the Beta windows version.

Hello ghouse,

In my preliminary testing I was able to do so without problem. What was the process you used to attempt to load the template in the Windows beta?

Replication Procedure:

  1. Create a custom template in Mac latest version
  2. Use export command in Mac version
  3. Move file to PC
  4. Tried to import.

If you want, I would have like to send the file, it is named “Romance Template.scrivtemplate” but your upload restriction won’t work. Also, in research, I had to external links in the research folder.

Yes, please do send us the file. You can email it to win3beta@literatureandlatte.com with a link to this thread post.

Thank you!