Unable to load scrivener projects in dropbox after update.

After updating my Scrivener I am no longer able to access my projects in Dropbox. It states “This is not a scrivener project file.”

This sounds like a bug that cropped up in the last build, it doesn’t have anything to do with Dropbox, but rather whether or not Scrivener is already running. Try loading the program from the desktop icon or start menu, and then load the project again.

Thanks. I can open them from Scrivener in the the start menu and work through.

Yup, that works as well, as obviously the program is open by that point. :slight_smile:

Hi Amber, is there any fix for this? I realise we can open Scriv first and then click on the file to open, but it can be time-consuming.

I’m leaving it running in the background for now, to save time. It only takes up a little RAM so it’s working out okay. The option that opens the start panel when you close the last project window is what I’m doing.

I’m hoping a fix will be out today or tomorrow though. Obviously this is a fairly high priority bug and will be in a hot fix rather than a routine maintenance update.

I’m having this problem too since I upgraded yesterday to version 1.2.3 (my first upgrade since buying the program last fall). I can open Scrivener from the Start menu, but my desktop shortcuts for projects don’t work, and trying to open a project by double-clicking or right-clicking on the file that the shortcut points to (project.scrvx) doesn’t work. When I try any of those, I get the same message the OP mentioned, I then get a New Project window, and if I select a project from the “Open Recent” list or from the “Open Existing Project” pane, it will open. Using Start menu/Programs or a failed opening that gives me the New Project pane is at least a couple of steps more than using the shortcut or double-clicking on project.scrvx. It also makes no sense to me.

It has nothing to do with whether Scrivener is already open, because Scrivener is NOT open on either of my computers when I try to use the shortcut or open directly from the file, and this happens on both computers on which Scrivener is installed. I have saved, closed Scrivener, made sure in Task Manager (both the Applications and Processes tabs) that Scrivener wasn’t running, and it still happens.

I can’t replicate that. If I have any Scrivener window open, including just the New Project template chooser, then I can double-click on any .scrivx file (or a shortcut leading to one) to open a project.

Maybe you have what I was saying backwards, because it has to be open for double-click to work. If the program is nowhere in the taskbar then you’ll get the error. If any program window is in the taskbar, it should open the project naturally.

Yes, I think I misunderstood what you were saying. I thought you meant the error happened because another instance of Scrivener was already open.

Now I think you are saying that if an instance of Scrivener is open, the double-click should work as intended and bring up another instance with the desired project.

That is correct. So to avoid the whole extra-step problem, I just leave the “New Project” window open (there is a setting in General Options that makes this effortless) at all times in the background even when I’m not using the software. Then when I suddenly need it, I can just access the project I want and not worry about the bug.

But yeah, hopefully this is fixed soon as I typically just like the last window close to close the software, and that New Project window cannot be minimised.

There was talk of a hotfix being available back in June but as far as I know this hasn’t happened yet. Any word?

Yeah, sorry about that. It turned out to be more complicated to fix than I had presumed and the solution was only just discovered recently. I’m informed the internal builds are now working again so the 1.2.4 update should address it.