Unable to move files on corkboard


Just started using Scrivener today. Love this resource. It’s awesome. I’m trying to move around my ‘index cards’ on the corkboard view and the functionality isn’t working. It takes a bit of time 5 - 10 seconds for the card I’ve selected to show as selected and then when I try to move the card, it doesn’t move. Instead, I have to move files to the order I want on the left nav and then click ‘research’ for the corkboard to reappear, but there’s a delay (5 seconds) before it appears again. Somewhat cumbersome.


Hi Carol,

Thanks for the kind words! I’m sorry to hear you’re having some performance issues, though–it definitely shouldn’t be giving you that kind of delay when working on the corkboard, so if I could grab some feedback from you about your system set up, that would help as Lee works to optimize the program. Any of the following that you can answer will help us track the issue:

  1. State exactly what you were doing when the performance issue occurred. (You did this already, but if you can add any further details–how many cards were on the board, did you have a split editor, etc.–please do so!)

  2. Approximately how many documents, folders, and words does your entire project contain? In this case, approximate number of cards on the corkboard would be great too.

  3. When did you last re-boot Scrivener (i.e. full close and open)? This could be important information if a trend occurs here.

  4. What sort of machine are you running Scrivener on (i.e. Operating System, type and speed of processor and RAM size)?

  5. OPTIONAL: Anything else that might give us clues i.e. for the technically minded Windows Task Manager Performance specs/spikes when performing specific tasks in Scrivener. Also, any details regarding any auto-correction, substitution features you may have enabled or analysis of those features turned on and then off and the resultant performance change if any.

Another matter that may be related is how you’re selecting the cards to view on the corkboard. If you’ve selected multiple documents in the binder to display on the corkboard (it will say “Multiple Selection” in the editor header if that’s the case), then these can’t be rearranged. Even though you may have chosen consecutive documents to display, it’s essentially the same as selecting arbitrary documents throughout the binder, and as such Scrivener has no way of knowing where you’d really want them–consider if your binder looks like this:
Doc A

  • Doc B
  • Doc C
    Doc D
    and you’re just showing documents A, C, and D on the corkboard. If you moved Doc D to go between Doc A and Doc C, does that mean it should go before or after Doc B? Since Scrivener can’t know your intentions, moving files in a multiple selection isn’t a valid action.

However, if you choose to view a container document–e.g. if you click on Doc A in the binder and view the contents on the corkboard–then you should be able to move the cards around without issue, e.g. moving C in front of B. In that case the editor header will give the name of the container document that you selected in the binder.

So double-check on that and make sure that it’s not a multiple selection; if it is, try again by selecting a parent container and see if you’re also still getting the delay. As I said, you shouldn’t be getting the delay on selecting a card in any case, but this may at least help you presently while you’re working.