Unable to open a project

This morning I find myself unable to open the project I created last night for my NaNoWriMo novel. Which makes me rather unhappy! :confused:

What happened is I created a project on my Mac laptop last night while I was at work, and saved it to my Dropbox account so I could work on it at home on my Windows computer. I was able to open the project last night, and worked on it for about an hour or so and then saved it and closed it. This morning, when I went to open it, I found two copies of the project file - One with the name I’d originally given it (LoveLiesSand), and the other with a different name - LoveLiesSand(Silver’s conflicted copy 2010-10-28). (Silver is my laptop.) I tried opening both files on my Windows computer this morning, and instead of opening the file, Scrivener crashes. I’ve opened the file on my Mac, but the outline I’ve written in the project now has ridiculous spacing - 50000 points between lines!


Working on a Scrivener project with the Dropbox application open may lead to unwanted corruption due to the way Scrivener handles files and the way Dropbox updates them.

It is unadvisable to use Scrivener within Dropbox, if you can avoid it, unfortunately.

This has been a topic for discussion on the Scrivener for Mac portion of the forums for some time viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5295&start=0.

Dropbox is great for storing and transferring zipped projects, but writing live projects into Dropbox is not advisable. Sorry that you had the worst outcome imaginable ladyellie. :frowning:

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Is windows 1.2 compatible with Mac 2.0? I tried opening up a project created on windows (1.1) on a mac (running 1.5.4), and it wouldn’t open. (project file wasn’t recognized.)

The compatibility between platforms starts with Mac 2.0. You’ll have to upgrade to 2.0 before the files will be usable across platforms.

So, is Scrivener for Mac 2.0 available yet? I’m not going to get much beta testing done if all my projects are unopenable.