Unable to open backup file

I’m trying to open a backedup file but I’m getting the following error message.
I don’t know what this refers to :frowning:
Can anyone please help?

You have to un-zip the back-up first?


Right. So I did unzip it (which took nearly 45 mins!) and when I open the file, it does open in scrivener and I can see the title of the various drafts in the binder. When I open any of these, it is all blank… the text has disappeared! From every single document! Why is that happening?? :cry:

Where do you keep your backups? It looks as if you might have somewhere else than on your normal data portion of you C drive.

Copy the zip:ed backup to somewhere ‘normal’ (like MyDocuments), unzip the whole project, and open it in Scrivener.

The error message says that the project is in a place where Scrivener hasn’t got write permission, which it needs to have.

Am not sure what version of Windows you’re running, but it shouldn’t matter.
I am a bit confused about the directory your backup file is in; those “temp” levels don’t seem like the usual place for a Scriv backup file. If it were me, I’d move that backup .zip file to a top-level directory, such as “Documents” for easier access. Then, I’d right-click that .zip file and choose “properties” … double-check the file size and permissions to ensure all is okay. That zip file shouldn’t have ‘zero’ content, or empty files, as you indicated.

Then I’d go ahead an unzip the backup file in my ‘documents’ folder. If it takes 45 minutes, something is drastically wrong; either the OS or the file is corrupted. Again, I don’t like those several ‘temp’ levels your file directory showed.

Is that the only backup file you have? What happened with the original project file?

X-drive suggests that it is not a normal subdir on the C drive.