Unable to open in Scrivener iOS new scrivener projects created on mac

Hi Everybody,

I have a Scrivener folder in Dropbox and everything worked fine in syncing between my iPad and my mac, but sudenly Scrivener on my iPad is unable to open new projects I create on my Mac and place in the dropbox/apps/scrivener folder.
I have this alarm on iPad :

Why ? How can I fix that ?

I am unable to read/understand the French message … but my hunch is that you have an incomplete sync. Could be “up” from Mac to Dropbox, or “down” from Dropbox to Mac.

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On your Mac, you’ll want to change your Dropbox settings so your projects are always available when the computer is offline.

Dropbox Support has this webpage for the available offline settings.

They also have this webpage for their selective sync settings, which you might also want to review if the first set of settings doesn’t completely resolve the issues.

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No, it seems this is not a dropbox issue.
The scrivener message says : “fail to open the project because it doesn’t contain a valid binder structure file…”. something like that for the translation. :slight_smile:

well it seems that some of my .scriv files are corrupted.
I create new scriv projects and copy/paste the binder documents in the new projects and now the sync is ok with Scrivener iOS.

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