unable to open project created in previous version of scrive

I get these two errors.

"The project you are trying to load uses an older format and cannot be opened. Would you like to update it? A copy of the old project will be saved in the same directory.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you choose to update this project, make sure that you do not try to open the updated project using a version of Scrivener earlier than 1.10. Versions of Scrivener earlier than 1.10 will mistake the newer format for an older one and offer to update it - but doing so will corrupt the file (although a backup will be created which will still be usable)."

‘This project was either not closed properly or is currently open on another machine. Please note that if the same project is open on two machines concurrently, data could be lost. Before the project can be opened, its search strings need re-synchronising. This process could take several minutes. Continue?’

when open the updated file it is empty. I have Scrivener v1.53

I have the same problem and all of my text is lost (100,000+ words of a novel I’ve been working on for over a year), PLEASE HELP!!! This happened to me today. I simply backed up my file in a zip file last night, shut down the program and turned off my computer and today when I opened the program I had the exact same message. I clicked “update” not knowing what else to do and there is no text at all in the saved documents. I went through some older versions of the same file (from the day before and two days ago) and the result is the same.

Interestingly, my other saved projects that I don’t use often or saved a long time ago open up perfectly.

Last week, some of the settings changed by themselves which I thought was weird so I lost my text that day also, so something is definitely wrong.

I just purchased the new version of Scrivener and had been using the old Beta Gold Version. I had done a bit of work in the new version trial program prior to purchase. Now, not only is the stuff I did in the new version not there, but my entire novel from the old Gold version is missing and I can’t even get the old version to open at all. In the new version, I get the same error messages as posted above and the same results.

I note that the question was posted in early December. How long before there is an answer on this tech support site?? Is there somebody to call to get help? I am quite unhappy!!!

Well, it turns out that the new version somehow takes in the data from the old Gold beta version and is sitting there waiting. Open the new version and go to recent projects and everything is there. It just doesn’t open the way it used to, so is difficult to find at first. So, if you were using an old version and switch to the new, it won’t stay as two separate applications in Finder or on your icon bar. I still don’t know what that error message is all about, but it appears to have solved my problem.

If you were using Gold, delete it. Scrivener Gold isn’t supported - it was a free early beta that hasn’t been made available here for at least two years. Other sites may still offer it, I don’t know, but I certainly recommend deleting it from your hard drive. If you open a project created in a newer version of Scrivener in Gold, Gold will corrupt the project so that it won’t open anywhere.

Glad you found your data, though.

All the best,