Unable to Open Scrivener for Nanowrimo Project in Purchased Scrivener

Since it is impossible to register Scrivener for Nanowrimo (there is no “register” option anywhere in the program), I downloaded a copy of the standard edition and paid to register it. Now, I discover that when I attempt to open my Nanowrimo project in my registered copy, I get one of two responses:

  1. the program simply closes, without any further ado, or
  2. I get a pop-up window that says the project is open in another copy of Scrivener, and therefore I must either close the open copy, or make a copy of the project and work with it instead.

When I got the popup (#2), I created a copy of the project, and Scrivener immediately proceeded to #1 (closed without further ado).

In an attempt to get around this problem, I went to my backups, created a new project, and copied the information from my most recent good backup into the new project. After doing so, I saved the project and closed it using the “Close all project” menu item, then exited Scrivener and restarted it.

When I attempted to load my new project that I had just created and saved, Scrivener proceeded to #1 immediately.

How am I supposed to work with the project I created in the Nanowrimo edition of Scrivener? I did not write 60k words just to be unable to access them because Scrivener’s Nanowrimo edition does not have an upgrade option.

I’m rusty, so going to refer you to a post I did some time back that will hopefully be of some value. Follow the various links in it, even though some may reference Scrivener for Mac.

Before doing any of the following, of course, outside of Scrivener, make sure you have/create multiple backup copies of the NanoWrimo project (you want the entire .scriv folder and its contents) saved elsewhere (elsewhere on local drive or CD/DVD or thumb/flash drive or DropBox or such). To do this, make sure Scrivener is not running and use Windows File Explorer to make the backup copies.


If all else fails, zip (compress) a copy of the project .scriv folder and its contents, attach it to and send an email directly to Scrivener tech support, as mentioned in the post.

Hope that is of some assistance. Hang in there.

P.S. If by any chance you have been using a cloud storage/sync service for any of this, or if plan to do so in the future, read this
scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … c-services

Thank you for the suggestions. Unfortunately, what I ended up having to do was open up each scene file and copy the contents into a new project, one file at a time, because none of the suggestions resolved the problem. IF that solves the problem, then I’m going to assume there’s a compatibility mis-match between the Nanoscriv and the purchased Scriv. If it doesn’t solve the problem, my next step will be to email the project to tech support and hope for a resolution.

I’m not sure what happened to your copy/versions, but I had a similar experience at least as far as using the NaNoWriMo trial and then wanting to upgrade it to the purchased version.

What I had to do was;

  1. Install the regular trial version over top of the NaNo trial (I did not uninstall NaNo Trial or anything else, I just closed NaNo Trial and installed the regular trial)
  2. Opened scrivener
  3. The popup dialogue box that said to register my version appeared, that did not appear in the NaNo trial, and I was able to enter my registration code/name and upgraded to the purchased version.

This did not, as far as I have been able to tell so far, corrupt any of my NaNo work/project/text/files etc. When I open scrivener now, everything loads fine, just as it did when I was still using the NaNo trial. For reference, here’s a post I made when I was trying to upgrade my trial a couple of days ago.