Unable to Preview Before Compiling

Before compiling, I can’t see anything in the preview box on my screen. I don’t know what it’s doing until after I hit compile, and then look at the PDF , or whatever I’ve saved it as on my computer. How do I use the compile screen so that I can preview my document? Thank you! :frowning:

The only preview available for compile at the moment is the “Preview” format from the drop-down menu in compile; you’d select that instead of PDF, for instance, to get a basic view of your compiled output. This will show you the general text formatting, what elements are included per section, etc. but it does not show page breaks, margins, header/footer and that sort of page layout that you’ll ultimately see when compiling to PDF (or to other formats, which may vary their appearance based on the program used to open them). After closing the preview compile window you’ll be able to make further changes to the compile settings or compile to another format.

We do have it on the list to look into adding something to compile more akin to the Print Preview option available from the File menu; it would most likely only be able to apply to the PDF and Print formats (since the others are not such a static layout), but it would then be able to include the other page layout elements missing from the generic preview.