Unable to register Scrapple RESOLVED

RESOLVED - Very helpful Support person at L&L, Astrid, untangled the problem for me. I bought Scrapple through The Writer’s Store - I always thought that was L&L’s storefront. Turns out TWO serial #s are needed - first to unlock the Writer’s Store for me, then the second from L&L to actually register the program - couldn’t get that until I’d gone through the routine with the Writer’s Store.— 3rd party sales confusion.— Leaving my original post up in case it’s useful for anyone.

I’ve sent a request for help to Support, but am bringing this up here also in case a solution is arrived at more quickly.

Bought Scrapple - Downloaded and installed. Looked at all instructions, the Read First PDF and all - the popup when opening the program asks for a Serial Number Name - an odd way to put it, but I see from the info I’ve read it wants my name, the one used when I bought the program. I have the serial # copy and pasted (several times to make sure I had it right) - but it doesn’t accept any name I put in. I try my actual name, my email, my Literature and Latte username - I keep getting the Invalid message.

Makes no sense. I’m out of choices of what to enter.

This problem sound familiar? Any known solutions?


Glad you got your issue sorted. I wanted to point out that the name of the program is Scapple, without an ‘r’. Don’t feel bad though, it’s a common mistake.

scapple (ˈskæpəl)
vb (tr)
to shape (stone, timber, etc) into a plane in a rough or unfinished manner

scrapple (ˈskræpəl)
(Cookery) scraps of pork cooked with cornmeal and formed into a loaf

Oh! Look at that - I have been saying and writing “Scrapple.” – thanks for the correction!