Unable to Register Scrivener

I just bought Scrivener 2.01 and am trying to install it on a MacBook Pro running MacOS X 10.6.6. I typed in the User Name & Serial Number exactly as on the confirmation email; I even tried copy pasting them into the dialog box. Each time it gives me the error - Invalid serial number or user name.

I am just not able to register my copy. Help !!

Are you upgrading from v. 1.x? If you are, and you’ve just downloaded from within Scrivener, the version you’ve downloaded may be 1.54. That seems to have happened to many people. Just go to the Scrivener page on the website and download a new copy from there … it’ll be v. 2.02, not 2.01 … and that should register normally.

If you’re sure you’ve downloaded v. 2, then check that you’re not inadvertently putting in your v. 1 registration number.

If none of that works, email sales@literatureandlatte.com


First, definitely update to 2.0.2, which is the latest version, as Mark says - you can download that from our product page.

Then try resetting your preferences in case there are any gremlins. To do that, with Scrivener closed, go to ~/Library/Preferences in the Finder (where the tilde represents your home folder) and delete the file entitled “com.literatureandlatte.scrivener2.plist”.

After that, fire up Scrivener and enter your user name and serial number again - it’s usually best to copy and paste the serial number from the e-mail. Also bear in mind that the serial number and user name are linked, so you must enter your name exactly as it appears in the e-mail, although it sounds as though you are doing this already.

This will most likely get you going, if not, it’s probably quicker to e-mail support@literatureandlatte.com at the moment, simply because David (who manages the sales address and who would normally deal with this) is in Malaysia at the moment on holiday. He’s still answering e-mails but might take a day extra to get back to you than Ioa on the support address will. Of the thousands of serial numbers that have been generated for Scrivener, there was one that turned out to be invalid down to a glitch somewhere on eSellerate’s end, so it’s not impossible for a serial number to be bad, but it’s much more likely that your preferences file has got messed up (which is common on the Mac).

Hope that helps.
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Thanks for the very prompt response(s). The problem was probably coz of the v2.01 I had downloaded earlier; now I downloaded the 2.02 and will try it on the Mac. Will revert tomorrow with a :smiley: or :frowning:

Thanks, Arun

The serial number should still have worked with 2.0.1, so it’s probably the preferences file. Make sure you follow the steps above and then let us know how you get on - if it’s still not working, we’ll take it from there. We’ll definitely get you up and running, though, don’t worry! Thanks for buying, and I’m sorry for the inconvenience.
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