Unable to Register Serial Number

Hi I just purchased Scrivener Order # ST85142076 and every time I try to register the program with the serial name and number, I get a message saying it does not match the info emailed to me. However, I’m copying and pasting from the email I was sent. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Vespur,

Sorry you’re having troubles! A couple things to try. First, make sure that you’re entering the name and number into a copy of Scrivener 2.x and not an earlier 1.x version. (Also make sure it’s not an old NaNoWriMo preview version of 2.0.) If you open Scrivener and choose Scrivener>About Scrivener, you’ll see the version number at the bottom of that window. Then make sure you don’t accidentally have double lines within the entry fields of the registration box–try doing a Cmd-A to select all and then delete so you can start fresh. Sometimes people accidentally paste twice or the like, but it’s difficult to see in the narrow text field. Finally, when you select the name and serial number in the email, be sure you’re not accidentally picking up any white space on either end.

The name you register with must exactly match the Serial Number Name in the email. You’re probably getting this fine since you’re copy/pasting, but it’s worth a mention.

If you’ve got all that down and it’s still not working, you can email sales [at] literatureandlatte [dot] com and David will help you out.